How to Create a Hybrid Fruit and Fool Your Friends?

Today, we are going to share one of the amazing videos that can easily help you to fool your friends and relatives. This is one of the most hilarious videos you can find in recent years. The gene technology in fruits and vegetables is relatively easy and people already get used to this idea. This is why we can guarantee that you can easily fool your friends with this amazing video and let them try to grow a hybrid fruit. In this video, the YouTuber uses a kiwi and a banana to create a fake hybrid fruit.

He cuts both of the fruits in half and then attaches them. After that, he plants both of them and provides you certain instructions to wait. According to him, in two to three weeks, you are going to get a banana that has a kiwi blend in it. Moreover, the inside of the banana looks like a kiwi. If you do not read this text, you may be fooled too and try it. Although it is professionally recorded, he forgot the change his shirt and banana is not a root plant. In fact, it is grown on trees that look like palms.

However, we believe that many people can fall into this trick and spend weeks with the hope of growing a hybrid fruit. It would be really great to hybrid these fruits this much easy, but it is nothing more than a dream. In fact, both of these fruits will be rotten in weeks and the person who will try to get a hybrid fruit will only waste his or her time. In case you enjoy fooling your friends and relatives, this video can be an amazing idea to try. You can even record your own video but do not forget to change your shirt too.

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