Have You Ever Seen Fire Ant Colony Before?

The fire ant is one of the miracle creatures which live in colonies with millions of individuals. Although they are relatively small and even tiny, they are quite aggressive animals that take advantage of their community. They are regarded as the most aggressive ant species in the world. One of the biggest advantages of these ants is they get their power from unity. They can hunt or kill animals which are 100 times larger than them. In addition to this, these animals live underground where they dig tunnels for different purposes. They store food in one section while also creating private sections for the queen ant.

Another interesting fact about fire ants is they can have more than one queen in the colony. The only goal of the queens is to reproduce and create new soldiers for their army. In general, their diet consists of organic materials. However, they invade the houses to steal sweet products and proteins. They get their name because of their painful stings. Victims will feel an amazing pain together with the burning sensation. Unlike what most people believe they do not bite their victims.

Moreover, they communicate with special hormones and they have an unbelievable social order in their community. This is also the main reason how they can create such an amazing colony underground. If you have never seen a colony of fire ant before, then this video is just for you. You are going to be amazed by the sections available in this colony which is cast with molten aluminum. It is possible to see the special sections which they store food or use for other purposes. In addition to this, the large sections below the colony belong to queen fire ant. We recommend you not to miss your chance to watch this interesting video.

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