Do You Wonder the Effects of Snake Venom on Blood?

Snakes are one of the deadliest reptiles in the world which is the leading cause of animal-related human deaths in many continents. Although not every snake species is venomous, those species with venom can be quite deadly. In this video, a guy is extracting Malayan Pit Viper venom and test its effect on human blood. You are going to be surprised by what the venom does to our blood. It will be worth noting that the venom of this snake is quite deadly for people. However, there are many more snake species that have more powerful venoms that can take our life only in seconds as well.

The thing you are going to witness on the video is what happens to our blood while it is in our arteries when we are bitten by snakes. In addition to this, the process is much shorter when our blood is located in our system. In this video, the process takes a little bit longer since the reaction takes place at room temperature. Room temperature is relatively colder when compared to our body temperature. You should not try this experiment at home or on your own. Keep in mind that he is a professional and he has antidotes around him in case of emergency.

Even a single drop of venom can be quite deadly for many people. If you have autoimmune diseases, this makes your blood much more vulnerable to any kind of blood. Thus, it will be a wise choice to let such experiments to professionals. As you learned the effects of snake venom on human blood, you will take more precautions against snakes in the wild. It will be worth to note that sometimes even professionals cannot figure out which snake is venomous, and which one is not. Therefore, it will be a wise choice to stay away from these deadly animals as much as you can.

Have you ever encountered a test like this before? What happens if snake venom mixes with human blood? Watch

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