Amazing Creatures: Rattlesnakes



Rattlesnakes are one of the snake species which look like extraterrestrial creatures. They get their name from the unique formation at the end of their tails which sounds like a rattle. Thus, they are called rattlesnakes. They can be found in certain parts of Asia and America continents. It is quite easy to distinguish them with their unique sound and look and they have more than 150 sub-species in total. One of the common features of these rattlesnakes is their heat sensors. This ability gives them a superior power in terms of hunting their preys when compared to the other snakes.

Unlike what most people believe, rattlesnakes do not rattle all the time. They only rattle when they sense danger and while they are hunting. While most of the snake species prefer the ambush method to hunt, these snakes use the rattle at the end of their tail and drive their prey into the corner. Although they have superior abilities for hunting, they lack survivability. They cannot adapt to cold and hot climates and thus they usually live in certain areas such as the Northern parts of the American continent.

The circles in their rattle may vary depending on the length and age of the snake. They make sound by vibrating their tail. When they vibrate, the circles in their rattle hit each other cause the sound which we perceive as the sound of a rattle. In general, the diet of these snakes includes mice and rabbits. However, they can consume any type of meat when they starve. These snakes do not attack humans. And they do not tend to attack without giving any warning at all. This is why victims always hear the rattling sound before the attacks. If you encounter such a situation, you need to stand still and locate the way the sound comes from. After that, you need to slowly move away from the source of the sound.

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